Penny Little, songwriter, vocals, keyboards, programming is a founding member of People to People TV, has directed and produced numerous commercials, shorts and several feature documentaries including awarding winning “Electile Dysfunction” and “911 Dust and Deceit”.

In the early 80’s, Penny Little performed solo – piano and vocals – in coffee houses and colleges.   On her way back from touring Japan, Penny  met up with guitarist Ben Hurley, in Hawaii.  There, they recorded the album “In a Light Garden” released on Global Pacific/CBS.  They made their way to England, where their band “White Feather” was signed to Warner/Chappell, adding Tony Bodene on drums. Upon her return to the US, she met Nik Green, through Martin Symonds, a drummer with whom both had worked in the UK.  In addition to performing in the Away Team, Penny’s cartoon character, “Little Savage”™ makes a bid for the Presidency every four years.  Penny has produced rap, thrash metal, punk, country with teens as part of Gang Prevention through the Arts in Southern California.  She teamed up  keyboardist Nik Green from  Geffen band “Blue Murder”, and they formed the Away Team in 1994.  


Nik Green, keyboards, programming, engineering was born in Somerset, England. At age four, his mother caught him picking out the melodies of popular tunes on the radio, and promptly sent him to piano lessons. Nik says, “I was taught piano in the uptight, rigid English tradition — I hated it and completely rejected formal training” but his relationship with music was rescued by his great aunt who encouraged Nik to imrpovise as well as teaching him old Broadway tunes, ragtime and syncopation, “and all things frowned upon”. Nik quit piano at 17, and soon after was “fired up” by the sounds of the synthesizer: “I re-taught myself pretty much from scratch”. “Most of my family, appalled by my failure to become an obedient military/corporate citizen, promptly disowned me — resulting in an incredible feeling of freedom to follow my muse”.

In 1980, Nik formed an all electronic trio with John Connell and Will Douglas, known as The Really Schmaltzy Cabaret Boys (!), playing electronic dance/ambient music — “[e]veryone thought we were totally crazy because we had no bass, guitar or standard drum set when everybody else around us was playing punk and metal”. [“Good timing, Nik!”] John went on to join the English National Opera, singing Wagner and Verdi, but Nik joined English folk artist Roy Harper whose band featured guitarist Jimmy Page and bassist Tony Franklin. In the late 80’s, when electronic dance music was really catching on, Nik was recruited into hard rock/heavy metal, with former Whitesnake’s guitarist, John Sykes and his band Blue Murder, featuring Tony Franklin on bass and Carmine Appice on drums. [“More Good Timing, Nik!”] Nik moved to Los Angeles. Blue Murder, “yet another casualty of arbitrary corporate politicking and industry foibles” dissolved in 1995. Nik cites his musical influences as Charles Ives, the Beatles, and Steve Reich, amongst many others.

For more information about Roy Harper and musicians who have played with him check out: Roy Harper Albums or The Unofficial Roy Harper Home Page site. Although the line-up changed, in Blue Murder, originally there were: John Sykes (Whitesnake) on guitar and vocals, Tony Franklin (The Firm, others) on Bass, and Carmine Appice on drums;. Nik has also been involved in various collaborations with Barry Palmer (singer with Triumvirat and Mike Oldfield) . Nik also worked with Inner City Unit as engineer/co-producer with Nik Turner on the EP “Blood and Bone.” Nik also has done time in various studios as sound engineer, programmer, and designing digital audio gear for Dawnhope and AMS. And he really was a weatherman for the British Meteorological Office.



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